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China builds new quarantine center as Covid-19 cases spike

By Saima Siddiqui 
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China builds new quarantine center as Covid-19 cases spike

Beijing: In an anticipatory measure to control the rising number of Covid-19 infected patients, a city in northern China is reportedly building a 3,000-unit quarantine facility ahead of the Lunar New Year travel rush, concerning authorities with the possibility of impending rush of people, travelling large distances to rejoin their families for country’s most important traditional festival.

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The Chinese state media, on Friday, had also showed crews leveling earth, pouring concrete and assembling pre-fabricated rooms in farmland outside Shijiazhuang, which is the provincial capital of Hebei province, and where bulk of new cases have recently been reported. This scene recalled that of last year, when China was rapidly building field hospitals and had turned gymnasiums into isolation centers to cope with the initial outbreak of Noval Corona Virus, that is believed to have started from the city of Wuhan.

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The country that had mostly contained further domestic spread of the coronavirus, has once again underwent lockdown as the Government authorities of China reportedly imposed lockdown in areas surrounding National Capital, Beijing, on Tuesday, locking nearly 4.9 million residents in their homes as new infections raised worries about a second wave in the nation.

As the official report of National Health Commission, 1,001 patients were under care for the disease, whereas 26 of them were in serious condition, as of this Friday. It also claimed that 144 new cases were recorded in the past 24 hours. Where, Hebei accounted for 90 of the new cases, Heilongjiang province farther north reported 43 cases. As of now, China has reported 87,988 confirmed cases with 4,635 deaths.

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Furthermore, Nine cases were reported to be brought from outside the country, whereas local transmissions also occurred in the southern Guangxi region and the northern province of Shaanxi, thus, revealing a lot about virus’ ability to move through the vast country of 1.4 billion people despite quarantines, travel restrictions and electronic monitoring.

Shijiazhuang, Hebei’s capital city, has already placed its 11 million people under virtual lockdown as it was one of the badly hit city in the latest surge of infections. Along with Shijiazhuang, Hebei cities of Xingtai and Langfang, parts of Beijing and other cities in the northeast are also under lockdown, making nearly more than 20 million people to stay in-doors.

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