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China’s kindergarten stabbing killed three, wounded six

By wasmulhaq 
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Beijing: In a knife attack on Wednesday, three people were murdered and six others were badly injured in China’s Jianxi province. The heartbreaking incident took place at a kindergarten school this morning.

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A gangster with a cap and mask on his face entered the private kindergarten in Anfu county around 10:00 am local time and committed the crime. The police said in a statement published on China’s Twitter-like Weibo. The 48-year-old suspect is still on the run.

The police have been making every effort to gun down the suspect. In a video shared by state-run Beijing Daily, it shows that a police officer has been carrying a kid in his arms and running toward an ambulance. The age of the victims has not been announced yet.

Mass violent crime is uncommon in China. China doesn’t allow its citizens to own firearms, but mass stabbings have gone up in the last few years,

Knife attacks in the view of targeting kindergarten and school students are taking place in China, which is being done by people wishing to wreak revenge on society.

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Four people were wounded in a stabbing incident at a major Shanghai hospital last month. The attacker was shot by the police.

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