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Chinese Billionaire Sun Dawu: Sun Dawu has been sentenced to 18 years by the Chinese government

By Ruchi Upadhyay 
Updated Date

New Delhi: The Chinese government has sentenced Sun Dawu, chairman of Dawu Group, to 18 years in prison. Various charges have been leveled against him. Actually, he has been considered a critic of the Chinese government. Earlier, many wealthy businessmen, including Alibaba Group founder Jack Ma, have had to open their mouths in criticism of the government. Sun Dawu is a big businessman of China. Today Davu Group employs more than 9000 employees. Let’s know about Sun Davu’s business empire.

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Sun Davu, 66, started the business in 1985 along with his wife. Then he had a thousand chickens and 50 pigs. After 10 years he founded the Dawu Group. Today it is included in the top 500 companies of China. It is a leading company in the agriculture sector in Hebei Province. Its headquarters is spread over 800 acres. Its annual revenue is over $456 million. The group has 28 subsidiaries and joint ventures.

This Chinese businessman has earned a lot of wealth. But he prefers to stay away from the flamboyance. They don’t have a big house. He has not even kept a car for himself. He has helped the people of rural areas a lot. Along with medical facilities in the villages, he has also arranged for education for the children. He had said on Twitter that he would not allow his hospital to earn money from people.

He was taken into custody after Davu had praised the lawyers amid the crackdown on the legal activists of the government. In August 2020, employees of Davu prevented a government company from demolishing a company building. After this, apart from Davu, 20 more people were taken into custody and they have also been tried and convicted.

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