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Chinese State Media Video calls India ‘bad neighbor’

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NEW DELHI:  Xinhua, China’s official news agency has attacked India over the Doklam standoff.

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In a video named “seven sins”, one can see the Chinese media rhetoric in full swing.

In the video, Indians are parodied by a man in a faux beard playing an unconvincing Sikh with accent that is beyond imagination to be honest.

Video portrays it’s time for India to confess its SEVEN SINS”. “Didn’t your mama tell you, never break the law?…How does it feel shooting yourself in the foot?” she asks.

She further went on to add: “China has realized it is impossible to awaken a guy who is pretending to asleep.”

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There are lots of errors in the subtitles.

“Do you negotiate with a robber who had just broken into your house… No, you call 911…”, she says.
According to the video, India is a bad neighbor with Indian troops carrying weapons and driving bulldozers illegally crossed the delimited boundary into the UNDISPUTED Chinese territory.
Talking about Xinhua, it is the biggest and most sought after media organization in China.


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