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Civil engineer arrested for impersonating an OSD to Union Minister of Home Affairs

A civil engineer who used to bully Union Home Minister Amit Shah as OSD has been caught by the police. The name of the accused is Robin Upadhyay. This person was trying to get a big post in the Ganga Expressway project. That's why he was recommending himself for the job by mailing the people associated with the company. However, when the matter reached the police, the truth came to the fore.

By Ruchi Upadhyay 
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New Delhi: Delhi Police has arrested a civil engineer by profession. It is alleged that this young man was threatening for the job by becoming the OSD of the Home Minister. Delhi is interrogating the accused. Police say that the accused wanted to get a job in a big position in the Ganga Expressway project, so he himself was trying to rob the company associated with the project by mail.

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Delhi Police says that the name of the accused is Robin Upadhyay. This young man has worked in many multinational companies and has an experience of about 25 years. Accused Robin, in the company of a big businessman, described himself as Rajeev Kumar, OSD of Home Minister Amit Shah and showed off by mail. The accused asked to appoint Robin Upadhyay as Senior Associate Vice President and Project Manager of the Ganga Expressway Project.

When the police investigated, the case turned out to be fake

When the company got suspicious from the conversation of the accused, a complaint was lodged with the police. On behalf of the company, a person named Akshat Sharma has lodged a complaint with the police. After investigation, the police arrested the fake Robin Upadhyay posing as Rajeev Kumar.

Another similar case came to light last year in Delhi, in which thugs duped a Mumbai businessman of Rs 2 crore by pretending to be a partner of Home Minister Amit Shah. When the money givers realized that they had been cheated, they demanded the money back from the accused, but they kept hesitating to give the money. The victims have lodged a complaint with the police. According to the police, the Delhi Special Cell had registered the case in early July.

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Mumbai-based businessman Praval Chowdhary had told the Special Cell that persons named Rahul Shah, Anish Bansal and Brijesh Ratan had cheated him of Rs 2 crore. The accused had called the victim at 99 Kushak Road in Delhi in the name of introducing her to the Home Minister. According to the businessman, the work was to be done for Rs 100 crore, Rs 2 crore was given as advance.

No arrest has been made in this case yet. According to the victim, the accused had told him that Home Minister Shah lives in front of him. The accused have a deep friendship with his son Jai Shah. The accused had also said that they are partners with Jai Shah in all the businesses including the Narayani Group.

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