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‘Conspiracy to stop Muslim population’: Taliban bans sale of contraceptives in two main cities of Afghanistan

Different types of restrictions are being imposed on women continuously by the Taliban in Afghanistan. In the same episode, there is news that the Taliban has banned the sale of contraceptives in two provinces of the country. A warning has also been issued to all the medicine shopkeepers, it is being described as a conspiracy of western countries.

By Ruchi Upadhyay 
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Afghanistan: The Taliban have banned the sale of contraceptives in two main cities of Afghanistan. The Taliban say that the use of contraceptives by women is part of a Western conspiracy to control the Muslim population. According to the report, Taliban is running door to door campaign for this. During this, midwives and pharmacies are also being threatened. They are being told not to sell birth control drugs and equipment.

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Taliban commanders are threatening midwives. According to the Guardian report, they are being told that you are not allowed to go out and sell contraceptives. Apart from this, similar threats are being given to those running medical stores. According to a shopkeeper in Kabul, birth control pills and some injections are not allowed to be kept in the pharmacy. This has been happening since the beginning of this month. Now we are scared to sell even our remaining stock.

This move of Taliban is being seen as another attack on the rights of women. The Taliban came to power here in August 2021 after the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan. Since then he has taken many decisions against women. The Taliban banned higher education for girls here. The university was closed for women. Women were forced to quit their jobs and were banned from leaving their homes.

By the way, many types of restrictions have been imposed on women by the Taliban even before this. Now girl students studying in private universities in Afghanistan will not be able to appear in the university entrance exam. It has been decided that no girl will be allowed to take the exam. Strict action has also been said against the university which did not follow the rules. Before this, there has been a ban on women going to the park and going to the gym.

Shabnam Naseemi, born in Afghanistan, is a social activist based in London. According to Shabnam, the capture of women’s rights by the Taliban was already wrong. Now he has started showing authority over her whole body. This is totally disrespectful. Shabnam said that family planning and availability of free contraceptives come under the category of basic human rights.

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In the year 2021, the Watch report of Human Rights came. According to this, many basic facilities related to the health of mothers and family planning in Afghanistan are not available in Afghanistan.

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