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Consume these five fluids to beat the heat this summer!

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With the increase in the temperature outside, the scorching heat and sun’s rage is also increasing day by day. Summers bring along skin allergies, stomach infections, rashes etc and in order to escape all of that you need to have a proper diet to follow regularly. It is very important for us to keep drinking lots and lots of water in order to keep our body hydrated but along with that there are few prevalent juices and drinks during summers that lessen down the risk of stomach infection.

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Instead of preferring cold-drinks and tetra packed juices which are major reasons for common cold, try to drink fresh juices and milk products during summers in order to keep your body healthy and going.

Here are five fluids that can be easily available in the market during summers as well as it can also be made in the home itself:-

1. Lassi- Lassi is popular yogurts drink while and is usually served as a cooling drink for refreshment on a hot day as well as helps in digesting food.

2. Aam Panna- This is one drink that everyone would love to drink during summers as it helps to beat the sun-stroke and also fights against cholera, tuberculosis etc. It is made up of raw mango pieces with added sugar, salt and spices giving it a tangy taste.

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3. Coconut Water- It is very much beneficial as it contains approximately 600 milligrams (12 percent daily value), making it a high electrolyte beverage and healthy.

4. Water-melon juice- Watermelon is made up of mostly 92 percent of water soaked with nutrients and vitamins. It is advantageous to drink watermelon juice during summers on a daily basis in order to keep your body healthy and hydrated.

5. Lemonade- If you have just come back home after long exposure in sun, then there’s nothing better than a glass of lemonade. Get a glass of cold water, squeeze a lemon in it, add a teaspoon of sugar and a pinch of salt.

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