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Consuming Black Pepper beneficial for health: Study

By Ruchi Upadhyay 
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Lucknow: Black Pepper is one of the common most spices used in every Indian kitchen. Black pepper, and its alkaloid component piperine, have associations with many health benefits, including anti-inflammatory effects and potential cancer-fighting properties. Dried pepper is also known as peppercorn and is available in three varieties – black, green and white. Once the pepper is dried, it is used as a spice and for food seasoning.

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Pepper has been used for traditional medicine for thousands of year in Ayurveda. It is mainly used for treating menstrual and ear, nose, and throat disorders. Black pepper is native to South India and other parts of South Asia and has been used in Indian kitchens for centuries.

Reduces the risk of cancers:

-Piperine, an antioxidant compound present in black pepper, protects our cells and tissues from free radical damage, and thus reduces the risk of various cancers.

-Piperine reduces oxidative stress from the rectum and thus minimizes the risk of colon cancer. It is also effective against prostate cancer. It also enhances the performance of docetaxel, a chemotherapy medication used for prostate cancer treatment, as per a Canadian study,.

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-Piperine is also known for increasing the absorption of essential nutrients like selenium, curcumin, beta-carotene, and vitamin B complex, etc in our intestines, and thus improves our intestinal health and further minimizes the risk of digestive tract related cancers.

Helps in Digestion:

-Pepper promotes better digestion. Black pepper stimulates digestive juices and digestive enzymes.

-The piperine, an antioxidantal compound in the black pepper increases the absorption of essential nutrients from the meal, and as well as protects the digestive system from free radical damage.

-As per studies, consuming black pepper to the diet shows a positive impact on the pancreatic enzymes and improves overall digestion.

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-Because of its carminative properties, black pepper relieves stomach gas and is also effective against flatulence and colicky pain.

-The laxative properties of the dietary fibers in black pepper improves bowel movement, provides relief from constipation and other gastrointestinal problems like abdominal pain, irritable bowel syndrome, gas, bloating and flatulence, etc.

Improve blood sugar control:

-Studies suggest that piperine may help improve blood sugar metabolism. In one study, rats fed with a black pepper extract had a smaller spike in blood sugar levels after consuming glucose compared to rats in the controlled group.

-Additionally, 86 overweight people taking a supplement containing piperine and other compounds for 8 weeks experienced significant  improvements in insulin sensitivity — a measure of how well the hormone insulin removes glucose from the bloodstream. However, it’s unclear whether the same effects would occur with black pepper alone, as a combination of many active plant compounds was used in this study.

Anti-inflammatory benefits:

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-Black Pepper has anti-inflammatory properties as it has piperine that helps to recover the damaged tissues. Another rodent study ‘Trusted Source’ suggests piperine’s anti-inflammatory properties may help protect renal tissue damage associated with ischemia-reperfusion. Ischemia-reperfusion refers to tissue damage that occurs when a part of the body does not receive enough oxygen.

-Researchers have also found that specific piperine supplements may help decrease the chronic inflammation.

Helps in weight loss:

-Black pepper is beneficial for weight loss as reduces the stubborn fat that accumulates in our body. The piperine in the black pepper controls the formation of fat cells and thus contributes to weight management. When added a squeeze of lemon and a black pepper powder to our salad or in a hot water helps to burn fat celluloid and thus helps for weight loss.

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