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Covid-19: With 53,476 New Covid Cases In India, Biggest Single-Day Jump In Over 5 Months

By Priyanka Verma 
Updated Date
Covid-19: With 53,476 New Covid Cases In India, Biggest Single-Day Jump In Over 5 Months

NEW DELHI: India recorded With 53,476 new coronavirus cases, the biggest single-day spike since October 23, India’s Covid tally rose to 1,17,87,534, the government data showed this morning, as the country continues to see worrying surge in infections.

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The spike in the last 24 hours was 13 per cent higher than the fresh cases reported yesterday – 47,262. Over the last two weeks, India has been witnessing a huge spike in fresh infections. Yesterday, the government said a new “double mutant variant” of the coronavirus has been detected in 18 states in the country in addition to many other strains or variants of concern (VOCs) which have also been found abroad.

Mumbai recorded its highest-ever daily tally, aided by a massive jump in cases — from 3,514 the previous day to 5,190 on Wednesday. Active cases in Maharashtra are inching closer to the 2.5-lakh mark. The daily toll in Maharashtra was lower at 95 against 134 fatalities on Tuesday.

The Maharashtra government’s Covid-19 task force called for a stringent check on people’s Movement in Mumbai, including shutting down of popular spots such as Juhu beach for a few weeks, restrictions on post-7pm movement of people and early closure of non-essential shops.

Gujarat, too, recorded its highest-ever count with 1,790 cases on Wednesday.

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Apart from Maharashtra and Gujarat, 19 states and Union Territories logged their highest number of cases since January or earlier — Karnataka (2,298 cases, highest since November 11), Andhra Pradesh (585, highest since December 9), Tamil Nadu (1,636, highest since November 22), Delhi (1,254, highest since December 18), UP (737, highest since January 8), Bengal (462, highest since January 17), Odisha (170, highest since January 17), Rajasthan (669, highest since December 31), Chhattisgarh (2,106, highest since November 21), Telangana (431, highest since January 1), Haryana (981, highest since December 14), Bihar (170, highest since January 20), MP (1,712, highest since November 25), J&K (195, highest since January 2), Jharkhand (194, highest since January 9), Uttarakhand (200, highest since January 16), Himachal (266, highest since December 25), Puducherry (125, highest since November 6) and Chandigarh (249, highest since September 20).

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