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Covid and Gym, Here’s how to protect yourself at the gym!

By Saima Siddiqui 
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Covid and Gym, Here’s how to protect yourself at the gym!

New Delhi: With the second wave of corona virus in India, number of fresh Covid cases have increased rapidly. Where people, after a whole year of taking precautions and avoiding going out, felt at ease, 2021 came with more mutant strains of Corona virus that are supposedly more infectious and deadly then the previous one. Already eager to get back to their normal exercise routines, people are wondering how risky going to gym can right now be.

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Missing their normal life and workout sessions, people have started going to gym, but are often seen not adhering to social distancing. Such ignorance at fitness studios, that are mostly confined spaces, can make the situation worse. Moist, warm air combined with turbulent air flow from exercising may create an environment in which virus droplets can spread readily. But if you still want to train yourself at the gym then be careful and follow the rules and precautions issued by the ministry.

What makes gym an ideal space for COVID-19 spread

One of the main concerns about COVID-19 is how readily it can spread through the air via respiratory droplets, especially in confined spaces like gym and fitness studios. Researchers from South Korea recently warned people against rigorously exercising in confined spaces. According to the researchers, the moist, warm air combined with turbulent air flow from exercising may create an environment in which droplets can spread readily.

The research also showed that how size and intensity of the class can also impact transmission of the deadly virus. According to the study, transmission was detected in fitness classes that were about 50 minutes long, were held in a studio measuring around 645 square feet, and included anywhere from 5 to 22 people. The researchers concluded that people breathe harder when they work out, which is the prime way the virus spreads from person to person.

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Gym during Corona pandemic:

After working out in their homes while the lockdown and strict Covid measures were in place, people have now, as states reopen, started to go back to the gyms and fitness studios again. So, if your heart is set on going to the gym, than make a plan. Protect yourself with four things: masking, physical distancing, handwashing — and whenever possible, taking your workout outdoors.


At the gym, practice good hand hygiene, bring your own equipment when possible, and disinfect any communal weights or mats you may use. If you are exercising with machines in the gym, use the equipment only after sanitising it. Use the instrument only after 1-2 minutes of spraying on the machines.

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Do not over do your work out. Only 1-hour workout in the gym is sufficient to keep you fit. It is important to finish the workout in a short time and get out of the gym rather than gossiping and increasing the risk of transmission.

Wear a mask

You may also want to reconsider wearing a mask while exercising, though this can be tricky with high intensity workouts, but masking will ultimately help you share space again.

Maintain Social Distancing

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Physical distancing can cut your risk of developing COVID-19, too. In normal days we can participate in group exercises, but during this time, when the corona scare is there, avoid group exercises. After finishing your workout immediately wash your hands thoroughly for at least 30 seconds with a hand wash. Use the hand sanitizer even after opening the gate to get out of the gym.

Prefer outdoor workouts

The most effective solution is to take your workout outside, as the risk for contracting the coronavirus outdoors is lower than contracting it inside because coronavirus particles can disperse more quickly in open air.

When working-out outside, stay 6 feet away from others, bring your own equipment, and limit the number of people in the group. Do not confuse that just because you’re outside you can’t get sick — it just means you have a lower chance of being exposed to viruses in the open air than the confined one.

Consider your own underlying health conditions and age

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Before lifting some weights or participating in group sessions at fitness clubs, review your health condition and age to be sure whether it’s safe for you to be in confined spaces with others or not.

Extra tip to gym lovers

Before hitting the gyms, take a look at the Covid-19 cases of the area where your gym is located, just to get a rough idea about the active cases in the area and whether it is safe for you to continue your work out sessions in that fitness centre.

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