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Cut your wedding cost without anyone noticing

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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word marriage? I am sure you will have butterflies in your stomach and you will start imagining about your big day. Also, you might have so many plans and incredible ideas to make your wedding day truly special.  But there is one more thing which is very important and unavoidable that is your ‘Budget’.
We all know that a lot goes into wedding planning. You have to manage your guests list, catering, attires and many other endless things.  On the other hand, you don’t want to spend out of your budget but still wanted to protect one of the most amazing events of your life. Don’t worry, we will tell you some best ways to throw the wedding of your dreams without giving up the things you love and without guests noticing any difference.

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First of all, create your wedding budget. This will give you an outline of how much you can spend on each item according to your convenience. Also, you will know where to cut costs without ruining your big day.

Follow these steps to cut wedding costs:

Guests List: When you start making plan for your special day, guests come first and you might have a huge list. But you are advised to invite fewer people in order to avoid debt and make the event more intimate. Trimming the guest list will reduce your catering cost and help you in saving a lot.

Invitation: First impression is the last impression and your wedding invitation gives the first glimpse of your big day. So, you want to find something unique to make your guests curious and excited. But the most important thing is your budget. You can select a design or style that matches the theme of your wedding by keeping your bank account green. You can create personalised e-invites, set up a wedding website or video. If some of your guests are not tech-savvy, you can order only a small number of printed wedding cards for them.

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Venue: Choosing a right venue is also very important. Marriage halls and upscale hotels will cost you more than your budget. So, it will be great if you choose a venue on the outskirts. Not only this, many wedding planners suggests to have wedding on weekdays instead of weekends. Also, avoid the high season wedding because during this period cost of the venue increases due to high demand. You can get deep discounts from hotels and banquets during offseason wedding celebrations.

Decor: You can pick seasonal flowers and use less expensive items like fruits and ice-sculptures. Rather than having floral centrepieces, you can place fruits like bunch of grapes, apple and pear in a bowl and spray them with gold paint. It will really look very beautiful. Balloons and artificial flowers are another alternative and one of the best decorative items. Lighting can be used to elegantly highlight other decorations.

Food: You can save a lot by opting one type of menu. Serving too many international items will break your budget. Choosing Indian cuisine will be cheap and best. Also, a sit down meal will be cheaper than a buffet. Avoid extra desserts. When it comes to drink, you can offer beer, wine and cocktails instead of o full bar.

Outfits and Jewellery: Wedding dresses are very expensive which are worn only once. But you can cut corners without giving up your dreams. We will suggest you to choose your design and get the dress tailored locally. Renting bridal lehenga or groom’s sherwani is the latest trend these days that gives a good option to the wedding couples. If we talk about wedding jewellery, you can go for rented pieces. Beautiful and designer jewelleries are available on different online portals. You can browse around to find unique pieces.

Wedding Photos and Videos: It is very difficult to cut down costs in this area because you can’t bargain with professional photographers. But marriage pictures are forever so, you want to hire the best photographer which will be very expensive for you. Instead of hiring a professional photographers, go for small-time and freelancers. Their services are affordable. Before finalizing the photographers,review their work to ensure the quality.

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