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Delhi residents defy the Supreme Court ban, celebrating Diwali with firecrackers

Despite a clear ban on fireworks during Diwali, Delhi witnessed violations of the restriction. Although the national capital reported its best air quality on Diwali day in eight years, concerns arise about potential pollution spikes due to low night temperatures and sporadic instances of firecracker burning .

By: Team Pardaphash  Pardaphash Group
Delhi residents defy the Supreme Court ban, celebrating Diwali with firecrackers

Despite the Supreme Court’s ban on firecrackers to curb pollution during Diwali, various parts of the national capital witnessed violations as residents celebrated the festival with fireworks. This resulted in a layer of smog covering several areas of the city on Monday morning.

In Shahpur Jat and Hauz Khas areas of Delhi, residents were observed igniting firecrackers, and a gathering was seen in a local park for this activity. The frequency of firecracker bursts increased after 4 pm, although it was notably less than the previous year. Few people ventured out of their houses in and around the locality.

Environmental activist Bhavreen Kandhari reported firecracker activity in her residential area, Defence Colony. Despite complaints filed at the Defence Colony police station, no noticeable change occurred.

“The Supreme Court’s strong stance on firecrackers seems to have been overshadowed by the smoke. Despite warnings and a complete ban, implementing authorities have failed yet again. It raises questions about the Supreme Court’s next steps. We are allowing our children to choke in the name of celebration,” she expressed.

Firecracker activity was relatively low in Greater Kailash and Chittaranjan Park until 7:30 pm. Chhatarpur experienced persistent noise from fireworks starting at 6 pm, with some shopkeepers openly flouting the ban, selling small firecrackers to children.

Similar instances were reported in East of Kailash, with sporadic sounds of firecrackers emanating from different households after 6:30 pm. While some had low intensity, others produced booming sounds.

The Supreme Court, on November 7, emphasized that its ban on firecrackers containing barium binds every state, extending beyond the Delhi-NCR region affected by severe air pollution.

“Sensitizing the public about the harmful effects of firecrackers is key. Ironically, nowadays, children don’t burst many firecrackers, but elders do. It is a wrong perception that the court is solely responsible for addressing pollution and environmental protection. Everyone must come forward; it is for everyone to manage air and sound pollution,” remarked the bench.

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