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‘Delta’ variant shows predominant in vaccinated Indians, 3 died post vax

By Saima Siddiqui 
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‘Delta’ variant shows predominant in vaccinated Indians, 3 died post vax

New Delhi: What could be called an alarming situation in India, around 89% of vaccinated people, who contracted coronavirus, were tested to be positive for ‘Delta’ variant, while three died even after receiving at least one dose of Covid vaccine, as per a recent study on breakthrough infections in India by ICMR.

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The study was conducted by Pune-based National Institute of Virology. Genome cnalysis of the SARS-CoV2 virus from 677 people who got infected even after taking the vaccine.

However, the death rate among vaccinated individuals was found to be very low. The clinical characterization was done on about 677 participants.

Out of these 677 Covid positive participants, 71 had taken the Covaxin vaccine while the rest 604 had got the Covishield vaccine. Two of the participants had also taken the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine.

Findings from the ICMR study:

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-482 of the 677 cases (71 per cent) were symptomatic

-71 people (9.8 per cent) required hospitalisation

-Three of the 677 people died

-Fever was the most consistent symptom in the infected people, experienced by 69 per cent of the respondents. Body ache, headache and nausea was reported by 56 per cent of infected people, cough by 45 per cent, sore throat by 37 per cent, loss of smell and taste by 22 per cent, diarrhoea by 6 per cent, breathlessness by 6 per cent and ocular irritation and redness by one per cent.

-604 of the 677 (89 per cent) infected had received the Covishield vaccine, 71 (10.5 per cent) had taken Covaxin. Two people had taken Sinopharm.

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-People from southern, western, eastern and north-western regions of the country predominantly reported breakthrough infections from Delta and Kappa variants

-People in northern and central regions reported such infections due to Alpha, Delta and Kappa variants.

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