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DGCA chief Arun Kumar says Indian aviation sector ‘absolutely safe’, no need to panic

By Priyanka Verma 
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New Delhi: Aviation regulator DGCA chief Arun Kumar said on Sunday that none of the technical difficulties faced by domestic airlines in recent weeks were such that they would have created a major threat. He said that even foreign airlines coming to India had to face technical glitch 15 times in 16 days. “India’s civil aviation sector is ‘absolutely safe’ and all protocols laid down by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) are followed here,” Kumar said in an interview with media. Indian airlines have faced several technical glitches in recent weeks and the DGCA has also directed SpiceJet to cut its flights.

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Director General of Civil Aviation Kumar stressed that there is no need to panic as none of the incidents being reported/discussed are ‘likely’ to pose a major risk or threat. Kumar said, “The glitches encountered are regular problems and all airlines or fleet of aircraft have to deal with them. Foreign airlines that have come to India in the last 16 days have faced this type of problem on 15 occasions. Kumar said, “Foreign airlines have also faced the same problems that Indian airlines have faced.” have appeared. SpiceJet in particular has had to deal with such problems. DGCA is watching these developments.

Kumar said, “In the recent incidents there was a need to replace some parts. For example, a crack in the outer layer necessitated replacement of the windshield, faulty valve, high-pressure switch, landing gear uplock etc. and cut down SpiceJet’s operations amid a spurt in technical glitches. The domestic aviation sector, badly affected by the Corona virus epidemic, is now on the path of recovery. More than 6,000 aircraft move daily in Indian airspace. If the planes passing through here are also added, then this number will reach 7,000. The movements of the aircraft include their landing and departure at the airport. According to the Civil Aviation Ministry, during the three-month period from April 1 to June 30 this year, there were 150 such incidents with scheduled airlines due to component and system failure. During May 2 to July 13, DGCA checked 353 aircraft on the spot as part of a special operation. Kumar said that there are thousands of parts in an aircraft and if there is an issue with one or two parts, it does not mean that there is always a high risk case and a bigger accident could have happened. The DGCA on July 27 directed SpiceJet to operate only 50 per cent of its flights for eight weeks after several issues of technical glitches surfaced and placed the airline under surveillance.

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