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Did you know about these benefits of wine?

By Team Pardaphash 
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Yes, you heard it right! Although wine contains 7 per cent of alcohol in it but still have certain benefits for your body. It will not be wrong to say that drinking wine is good for your health but up to a certain limit.

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As we know that ‘a coin has two sides’ and similarly each and every thing has both positive and negative sides, same is the case with wine. Alcohol can never be good for your health but when we talk about wine, it has some advantageous properties that are good for our health.

Here are the benefits of drinking wine:-

1. Wine helps in sharpening the brain and memory power of especially all the old age people who suffer from Alzheimer at that age. Even doctors recommend red wine to all the old people suffering from memory loss diseases.

2. People above 30 years of age should drink red wine as it helps in maintaining blood pressure and also remove blockage in the blood. Red wine is a good solution for all those who suffer from heart diseases and other blood related diseases.

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3. According to the information given through a research, wine contains caustic compound which helps in making our immune system strong enough to fight several dangerous diseases.

By- Prishita Rathi

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