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Die Hard action superstar Bruce Willis diagnosed with Frontotemporal Dementia

Hollywood film industry veteran Bruce Willis had distanced himself from his acting career a year ago due to serious illness. He got relief from this disease but now he has got another serious disease for which there is no cure.

By Ruchi Upadhyay 
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Los Angeles: Hollywood veteran actor Bruce Willis has been battling a serious illness for a year. Because of this, he had distanced himself from the film career. Recently his family revealed that he has a disease called frontotemporal dementia.

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According to the National Institute on Aging in the United States, frontotemporal disorder (FTD), sometimes called frontotemporal dementia, is caused by damage to neurons in the frontal and temporal lobes of the brain.

Giving information in a statement, the family said, ‘After the announcement of Bruce’s aphasia in the year 2022, his condition had improved and now we have come to know that Bruce also has a disease called Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD). In this disease, the person starts having difficulty in talking. It is very painful, but still it is a relief for us to know about Bruce’s apparent illness. Let us tell you, his daughter told about Bruce’s health on Instagram.

Frontotemporal dementia is a broad term for disorders affecting areas of the brain related to language. Due to this, there is a change in the personality of the person, difficulty in speaking and problems affecting the areas of the brain related to language.

What are the symptoms
The institute said that there can be many possible symptoms, which include unusual behavior, emotional problems, trouble talking, difficulty working or walking, etc. FTD is rare and tends to occur at a younger age than other forms of dementia. About 60% of people with FTD are 45 to 64 years old.

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Actor Bruce Willis is 67 years old. According to the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Health, doctors previously mistakenly diagnosed frontotemporal dementia (FTD) as depression, schizophrenia, or Alzheimer’s disease, making it difficult to determine the frequency of the condition.

The National Institute on Aging reports that the most common form of FTD, bvFTD, involves changes in personality, behavior, and judgment. People with this disorder may have problems with cognition, but their memory may remain relatively intact.

There is no cure for frontotemporal dementia
There is currently no treatment available to cure or slow FTD, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine. However, looking at the symptoms, some medicines can be prescribed. Antidepressants can help treat anxiety and control other symptoms. Antipsychotic drugs can reduce irrational and compulsive behaviour.

Talking about the workfront, Willis started his acting career in the 1980s. During his long career, Willis worked in films such as The Verdict, Moonlighting, The Boxing, Hostage, Out of Death, Glass. Apart from this, the actor is known for his series Die Hard.

Willis won a Golden Globe and two Emmys during his career.

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