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Dirty picture of Gurmeet Ram Rahim

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Chandigarh: You would be surprise to know that Gurmeet Ram Rahim not only raised a private army of castrated followers and had a qurbani dal (sacrifice group) working for his own protection, he also employed a group of henchwomen who lured and coerced innocent girls into satisfying his sexual needs.

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It is worthwhile pointing out that these henchwomen, forgetting that they too had undergone the same trauma once, acted like programmed robots and accepted every command given to them to bring a new girl every night to gratify the physical needs of the controversial godman who did not spare even children.

According to the sources, Gurmeet Ram Rahim not only abused girls, but also enjoyed consensual sex with some senior female followers, who were close to him and lived the way he wanted. Later, they became his trusted henchwomen and started luring other innocent women for him. It is also alleged that some politicians and officials were also regulars at Dera Sacha Sauda and were pleased with wine, women and money.

The pivotal factor here is that Ram Rahim’s henchwomen behaved like unemotional human robots, who just did his bidding and weren’t moved by the countless screams of girls whose voices drowned in the den (gufa) where he raped and abused them. This arrangement continued until the law took its course and put Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh in prison, which he had evaded for 15 long years, being hand-in-glove with Haryana’s politicians.

This has come into light after former Dera followers, including women, recount the horrific accounts of the rape victims. One of them, who was raped twice, had told the CBI that she used to guard Ram Rahim’s cave and had seen many girls leave the Gufa with tears in their eyes. She had named eight girls in her statement. They had warned her not to go inside the cave, but did not tell what actually happened to them.

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Their main objective was to come up with the beautiful female followers and put them in a hall which was linked to Gurmeet Ram Rahim’s den. They were pampered, praised and were told that the Baba had only chosen them as his favourite disciples and would ‘purify’ them with his ‘blessings’ and would call them one by one.

“There was a big room which was called the ‘Man Sudhar Kamra’ (mind improvement room) near room number 50, which was used to torture the rape victims and the girls who refused to enter the Gufa. The victim was asked to sit on a chair and then a group of women (henchwomen) would come and thrash her. A similar punishment was meted out to the male followers. Their faces were blackened and they were paraded on donkeys when caught staring at girls,” pointed out Gurdas Singh Toor.


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