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Disaster at Kabul airport, Afghans charged 3000rs for water & 7500 for plate of rice

By Ruchi Upadhyay 
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Kabul: People reaching Kabul Airport are dying of hunger and thirst in the hope of leaving Afghanistan to escape the terror of Taliban. Food and drink items are being sold outside the airport for many times higher prices. Not only this, shopkeepers are demanding dollars instead of Afghan currency. Although American and British soldiers are helping the Afghans, it is also difficult for them to get food and water to every person.

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Price to be paid in dollar

Outside Kabul Airport, a water bottle is being sold for $ 40 i.e. around Rs 3000. At the same time, the price of a plate of rice has gone up to $ 100, which according to Indian currency is about 7500 rupees. The most surprising thing is that the shopkeepers are demanding payment in dollars instead of the currency of Afghanistan.

Helping people doing Troops

Hundreds of people are at Kabul airport waiting to leave Afghanistan. Now it is time for these people to die of hunger and thirst. They are forced to stand in the sun without eating or drinking anything and because of this they are falling unconscious. Despite this, the Taliban are beating them instead of helping them. American and British soldiers are helping the Afghans in this difficult time. Soldiers are giving water bottles and food to the residents by building temporary houses near the airport. Apart from this, soldiers can also be seen distributing packets of chips to young children of Afghanistan.

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How will the mission be completed in a few days?

According to the information, the US has evacuated 70,700 people from Afghanistan in the last ten days. Despite this, a large number of Afghans are still stranded at Kabul Airport. It is being told that 2.5 lakh people of Afghanistan are most at risk from the Taliban, out of which only 60 thousand people have been able to escape from its clutches. The Taliban have ordered foreign troops to leave Kabul by August 31. In such a situation, it is difficult to evacuate about 2 lakh people from there in a few days.

Talibani stopping them from reaching the airport

Even though there are soldiers of America and Britain inside the airport, but it is surrounded by Taliban from outside. Taliban fighters are also present on the way to the airport. They are preventing people from reaching the airport and those who have reached there are also being threatened. Terrorists are also asking people that why are you defaming the community by taking help from America? Let us tell you that with the occupation of Afghanistan, stories of Taliban brutality are coming to the fore every day. Especially women and children are being harassed more by the Taliban.

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