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Discover your individual groove, Read weekly horoscope for July 19-25

By Saima Siddiqui 
Updated Date


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Are you procrastinating about which project to pursue? A bored and unengaged Ram is a recipe for trouble. With the Full Moon activating your aspirations zone, focus on your goals for the future. However – with your ruler Mars racing through fellow fire sign Leo -too much haste could land you in hot water. So do your best to get the balance right between thinking things through and taking action. On the weekend, be extra understanding towards a family member.


The focus is on Home Sweet Home as the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars visit your domestic and neighbourhood zones. So it’s a good week to patch up problems with a family member, spruce up your living space or make improvements in your local community. The Full Moon also urges you to display your true capabilities, as you discover your individual groove and assert your independence. Avoid being too stubborn though.


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During a global pandemic times are tough, travel is limited and many places around the world have imposed restrictions or are in lockdown. This week the Full Moon encourages you to explore and experiment as you study or venture into brave new personal territory. It’s also important to capitalise on your current international contacts. With careful nurturing, who knows where they will lead in the future? On the weekend, tap into your creative side.


Full Moons usually activate your moody side. And this week’s fulsome moonbeams are in the unpredictable sign of Aquarius. Prepare to be at your stupendous best and your tempestuous worst! If life becomes too stressful, then you’re likely to withdraw into your Crab shell so you can rest, recuperate and rejuvenate. It’s also a week when mysteries abound and someone could tell you something in strict confidence. The question is … can you keep a secret?


This week the Sun, Venus and Mars gallop through Leo, so your dynamic nature is on display for all to see. But the Venus-Jupiter opposition and the Full Moon turbo-charge your tendency to overdo things. So there’s a predilection to promise the Moon and then under-deliver or blow your budget with a spontaneous spending spree. Clever Cats will reign in extravagance with a healthy dose of discipline. The weekend is wonderful for daydreams and romantic reveries.

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Prepare for a colourful and chaotic week! Venus shifts into your sign mid-week, which boosts your natural charm and Virgo va-voom. Creative ideas and persuasive arguments will keep your mercurial mind well stimulated. But Friday night’s Full Moon looks rather disruptive, as your usual routine is turned upside down. Plus avoid the tendency to criticise yourself … and others. With a flexible attitude, you’ll navigate your way through any temporary turbulence.


The planets push you to dream a dream, wish upon a star and set an ambitious new goal. And Venus encourages you to forgive transgressions from the past and stop worrying about the future. Old solutions won’t work – you need to keep up-to-date with fresh ways of solving problems. So try to take each day at a time as you focus on enjoying the here and now! Be inspired by birthday great, guitar guru Carlos Santana “The present is where everything begins.”


You have ambitious professional goals but sometimes you hold yourself back for fear of looking foolish. This week’s stars encourage you to slow down in the present and make plans for the future. You’re in the mood to fix something around the house or repair a problematic relationship with a stressed relative. A family member could also turn to you for some insightful words of wisdom. If you listen to your intuition, then you’ll know what to say.

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Your travel zones are being activated by the Sun, Venus, Mars, Saturn and the Full Moon. So you’re feeling restless but foreign adventures will be thin on the ground in 2021. Don’t despair! Find creative mini-escapades that are closer to home and plan to explore further afield in 2022. Be inspired by birthday great, aviator Amelia Earhart. “Adventure is worthwhile in itself.” When it comes to work or family, don’t promise more than you can deliver.


This week it’s all about money honey, as the Full Moon stirs up trouble and you need to find an innovative solution to a cash flow problem. If you’re a clever Capricorn, then you’ll pal up with a financially astute person who helps you find ways to develop a second stream of income. The more proactive, creative and collaborative you are, the more positive your financial future will be! It’s also a good time to get closer to loved ones who you can really rely on.


Expect a rollercoaster ride! Tuesday’s Mercury/Uranus link lights up your quirky and creative mind. Friday night’s Full Moon (in Aquarius) lights up your bohemian nature and your restless heart, but it will also stimulate your reckless side. So proceed carefully (especially with financial matters) otherwise you could provoke a fiery response from a cranky ex, a hidden enemy or a known frenemy. The weekend favours creative ideas and domestic projects.


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This week you’ll feel compelled to connect with your inner world or help someone in need, as the Full Moon fires up your spiritual and humanitarian zone. With the Sun, Mars and Venus visiting your job zone, creative and flexible action is required at work. But don’t waste your numerous talents with unproductive daydreaming that leads nowhere! If you procrastinate and dither around, then promising opportunities and important connections will pass you by.

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