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Do you have a hack-proof password? Here are few worst passwords of 2018!

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Passwords are ultimately one of the most important things in our personal lives. In order to operate any social media sites to a bank account for everything one would need to create a password that could not be hacked easily. Hackers these days find it way to easy to hack passwords of people because many people tend to keep simple and easy passwords which can easily be guessed.

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Here are few worst passwords of 2018, see if your password is one of it:-

SplashData studied 5 million leaked passcodes on the Internet, and made a list of the dumbest and most terrible ones of 2018.

In the top 10, “123456” bagged the first title, obviously.

It was followed by “password”, “123456789”, “12345678”, “12345”, “111111”, “1234567” and the last three places were taken by “sunshine”, “qwerty” and “iloveyou”.

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Really, is it that difficult to remember a complicated password?

While the standard “iloveyou” and “qwerty” is expected, but a newcomer has joined the list of the dumbest passwords at 23rd position- “donald”.

“Celebrity names” and other common words are often used as passwords, as are simple keyboard strings, and this gives hackers the advantage, notes SplashData’s CEO.

Meanwhile, numbers continue to dominate the list, as the top 25 also includes “666666”, “abc123”, “aa123456”.

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