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Do you smell your socks? Here is the risk!

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Almost everyone have the habit of smelling stinky socks in order to get an idea whether it’s their socks which is smelling or someone else’s, but hardly people know that smelling the stinky socks might develop cough and chest pain earlier and then fungal infection could be developed.
The 37-year-old from Zhangzhou, Fujian province, surnamed Peng did not know what was waiting for him because of the habit. He was admitted in hospital recently after developing cough and chest pain and it was diagnosed that the man was affected by severe pulmonary fungal infection.

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Doctors said that the reason for the infection was inhaling spores of fungus that grows in footwear.

That Peng is not an exception when it comes to sniffing smelly socks was known when several others admitted online about their similar habit and the worry for their health after the news about Peng surfaced on Chinese social media platform Weibo which received a whopping 65 million views last week.

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