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Do you want to live longer? Here’s how!

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Who do not want to live longer? More than this being a question to ask it has become a reality that people are trying their level best to expand their life. Instead of adopting temporary health drinks and diet, one can get an easy way out to live longer by exercising on a daily basis. Yes, you read it right! Exercising on a daily basis can help you live longer as compared to all those who do not exercise on a regular basis.

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According to the information given by a study, 126,356 patients with an average of 53.5 years who were referred to the clinic for their first exercise stress test, a common exam which diagnoses heart problems.

During the test, patients walk on a treadmill, which gets more difficult throughout the exam, and have their exercise capacity, heart rate response to exercise, and heart rate recovery measured.

“Age is one of the most reliable risk factors for death: the older you are, the greater your risk of dying,” said study author Dr Serge Harb. “But we found that physiological health is an even better predictor. If you want to live longer than exercise more. It should improve your health and your length of life.”

Dr Harb added that the A-BEST could also be used by doctors when giving patients the results of exercise testing, “Telling patients their estimated age based on exercise performance is a powerful estimate of longevity and easier to understand than providing results for the individual components of the examination.”

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“Knowing your physiological age is good motivation to increase your exercise performance, which could translate into improved survival,” he continued. “Telling a 45-year-old that their physiological age is 55 should be a wake-up call that they are losing years of life by being unfit. On the other hand, a 65-year-old with an A-BEST of 50 is likely to live longer than their peers.”

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