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Durga idol immersion: Mamata Banerjee in ‘Attacking’ mode

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NEW DELHI: Mamata Banerjee reacted in a strong manner to the Calcutta High Court order revoking her government’s stand on Durga idol immersion.

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“Someone can slit my throat but no one can tell me what to do. I will do what I can to keep peace,” pointed out Mamata Banerjee.

Earlier on in the piece, the court cancelled Mamata’s order imposing restrictions on Durga idol immersion during Muharram. The court instructed the police to make separate routes for both Durga idol immersion and Muharram procession.

Point to be noted here is that the court also added that Durga idol immersion can continue till 12am on all days, including on Muharram.

The court, at the time of hearing, observed that one cannot impose restrictions on the basis of a mere assumption of law and order disruption over the state government’s notification.

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Acting Chief Justice of Rakesh Tiwary of Calcutta High Court asked the State Government, “Just because you are the state, can you pass arbitrary order? Prohibition means that you are taking last step first.”

They further said, “If you (State Government) get a dream, that something will go wrong, you cannot impose restrictions.”

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