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Enjoy delicious mango desserts at home, Know secret recipes!

By Saima Siddiqui 
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Lucknow: Summer is the time when we all get to relish our all time favourite mangoes. People wait whole year to savour different varieties of mangoes or some look out for their favourite one. This juicy, sweet delight can be consumed in many different ways , one can cut it into pieces or suck its pulp out or can make its more globalised avatars such as smoothies, pies and cakes, anyway you will love this magical fruit that make our summers more fun.

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Long before readymade ice creams became the norm, many families had a wooden hand-cranked ice cream or gelato maker that would be pulled out for al fresco dessert sessions. The most common churn model consisted of a wooden bucket packed with ice and sprinkled with rock salt, with an inner metal container that was filled with the ice cream mixture. An external handle was rotated manually long enough for the machine to simultaneously freeze the mixture while aerating it. As a result, the ice cream would be ready to serve immediately, usually to the hungry souls who had laboured over the crank.

So as its the season of mangoes, lets try out two recipes with this tropical fruit:

Mango frangipane tart recipe

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Unsalted butter – 145gm

Condensed milk – 75gm

Flour -185gm

Pinch of salt

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Zest of half a lemon

Vanilla Essence – 5 ml

To make the frangipane

Unsalted butter – 100gm

Icing sugar – 100gm

Flour – 25gm

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Milk – 70ml

Almond powder – 100gm

For the custard

Milk – 100gm

Sugar – 20gm

Custard powder – 8gm


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Step-1: In a stand mixer, cream the butter and add condensed milk and mix well.

Step-2: Fold in the flour, salt, lemon zest and the juice and the vanilla essence. Do not over-mix the pate sucree dough. Cling wrap and refrigerate for 3 to 4 hours.

Step-3: To make the frangipane, beat butter and icing sugar. Add milk and mix well. Fold in the flour and the almond powder. Mix well and keep covered in the fridge.

Step-4: Boil milk and sugar for the custard. Make a paste by adding a little milk to the custard powder. Add this to the boiling milk and whisk vigorously until the back of the spoon gets coated. Remove from fire and allow it to cool.

Step-5: Roll out the pate sucrée dough to 4 mm thin and layer on a tart base. Fill a piping bag with the frangipane and don’t forget to pipe on the base of the tart, leaving a gap of quarter inch till the top. Bake at 180°Celsius for 10 to 15 minutes, then let it cool.

Step-6: Now fill a piping bag with the softened custard cream and pipe on top of the frangipane. Decorate with peeled and cut fresh Alphonso mangoes as shown. Dust icing sugar using a sieve and garnish with slivered pistachios. Serve chilled.

Mango cheese mousse with granola


Whipping cream – : 125gm

Mango puree (squeezed from fresh mangoes) –  150gm

Cream cheese – 115gm

Granola (or coarsely powdered digestive biscuits) – 100gm

Melted butter – 2 ½ tablespoons

Chopped mango – 1 whole

Few finely chopped mint leaves or 1 tsp mint extract


Step-1: Add whipping cream to the bowl of a cream beater with the whisk attachment and beat on medium high speed for about four to five minutes, until soft peaks are formed.

Step-2: Add mango puree, cream cheese and mint leaves. Whisk for a minute or so till combined well.

Step-3: Crumble the granola to form chunky crumbs. To assemble, take the serving jars/glasses, and layer granola mixture and the mousse alternately, using a spoon or piping bag. Garnish with fresh mint and serve chilled.

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