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Essential Gardening Tools: Every home gardener must have

By Ruchi Upadhyay 
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Every one love to garden their home,so their are some basic tools one should have as a home gardener that are:

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Garden Gloves:
Every home gardener loves to garden their house.so garden gloves is the most basic thing that every one must have it makes the hand clean, as well as garden clean.

This tool have many names but it has brilliant edges like it cuts through woody branches like a hot knife through butter.We all know how important pruning is to plant health and clean cuts are essential to reduce damage to your plants. Invest in a pair of good shears, keep them clean and dry and don’t cut paper with them and they will last you a lifetime.

Raking tools:
To dig the topmost soil to add a layer of compost every month, uprooting weeds, aerating soil, and breaking up tight garden soil to mix with coco peat and compost before repotting can be made easier with this one tool. Pretty undervalued and unassuming, it is versatile and a great addition to you gardening toolbox.

This is old tool that every grandparent has,like it has many features like dig soil, mix it, break up bigger chunks, use it as a scoop. If there is only one tool other than a pruner that you can have, it is this. Buy a heavy duty variety and you will not have to worry about buying another for a lifetime of gardening.

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Watering can:
Watering can is very important to water the plants, it also results in overwatering and the more the water flows out of you drainage hole the more nutrients will leech out of your soil. They allow us to control the flow of water, especially plants that don’t like wet foliage and it also helps reduce water wastage.

Spray pump:
To keep the pests away from the plants,this tool is very important one must have,cleaning the leaves of dust or bird shit, or spraying that very essential neem oil every fortnight to keep pests at bay, spray pumps are a saviour. They come with a rotatable nozzle to control water flow from a sharp jet to a fine mist. This is very good tools so one can buy a good pressure spray pump and make their plants healthy.

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