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EU awards candidate status to Ukraine and Moldova; Zelensky applauds

By wasmulhaq 
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New Delhi: European Union (EU) leaders have come out openly in favour of war-torn Ukraine and Moldova. EU leaders awarded candidate status on Thursday to both nations, which demonstrates their incessant support for Ukraine against Russia’s invasion. The United States has declared it will send high-precision rocket systems to Kyiv.

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The west is united and behind Ukraine in the ongoing war against Russia, which is close to capturing key cities in Ukraine. It is a concern all over the world with limitations on gas and grain exports.

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky hailed the EU decision on his country and Moldova as “a unique and historic moment,” although the two former Soviet republics face a long path before joining the bloc and its benefits of free movement and a common market.

“Ukraine’s future is within the EU,” said Zelensky. “We will win, rebuild, enter the EU and then rest.” Or probably we will not rest. ”

French President Emmanuel Macron said that the decision by EU leaders sent a “very strong signal” to Russia that Europeans support the pro-Western aspirations of Ukraine.

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Russian president Vladimir Putin declared Ukraine to be part of Moscow’s sphere and insisted he was acting due to attempts to bring the country into NATO.

Weapons to fight against Russian

The United States declared that another consignment of weapons worth $450 million would be sent to Ukraine, including new High Mobility Artillery Rocket systems, which have been on the priority list of Kyiv.

The four units of weapons have already been delivered. Ukrainian soldiers were being trained to operate the equipment after President Joe Biden’s administration said Kyiv had assured not to fire into Russia.

Global inflation and escalating hunger in the world have been triggered by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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