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Every bride should follow these 5 hair care home tips

By Ruchi Upadhyay 
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Pre bridal hair care tips: The dream of every bride-to-be is to look beautiful on her wedding day, but then you have to prepare and follow a good skincare and haircare routine well in advance.

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But with your busy work schedule, wedding planning and all, hair care may often become the least of your priorities, leaving you with dry, dull and frizzy hair. Don’t forget that a perfect hairstyle is what will bring your whole wedding look together. And for that, you need to take good care of your hair as healthy, thick and lustrous locks cannot be achieved in a day. So start taking care of your skin and hair at least two months prior to marriage to get the desired outcome.

Here I am going to share some of the simple yet effective pre bridal hair care tips that will help you get beautiful and lustrous hair before your wedding.

# Start By Addressing Hair Problems

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Facing the problems of dandruff, grey hair or hair-fall? Start early and get rid of all the hair issues before the wedding. Always go for the home remedies first instead of trying chemical-laden products as they show instant results but later cause trouble.

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Prepare well in advance, at least a few months before your wedding date as natural remedies take the time to show their results. You may also consult a dermatologist/physician who can advise you in these matters and help address underlying problems.

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It is advisable to trim your hair time-to-time for a healthy, thick and strong hair.

# Good Diet Work Wonders

Long, strong and shiny hair is almost every bride’s dream. To fulfil it, you need to incorporate some nutrient-rich foods into your diet. Following a well-balanced diet with wholesome lean protein and leafy green vegetable will guarantee beautiful and healthy hair. The way you take multi-vitamins for your skin and body, your hair needs some great supplements too. Make sure to include these hair-friendly ingredients like biotin, folic acid, Vitamins D, A, C, E, B12, and Omega 3 fatty acids.

Some essential food items for lustrous tresses are- egg, salmon, spinach, carrot, avocado, citrus fruits, flaxseeds, almonds and walnuts etc.

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# Stay Hydrated

Believe it or not, but dehydration immediately halts hair growth. Our hair needs moisture, staying hydrated helps energize and support hair growth from root to tip. So, don’t forget to drink at least two litres of water every day, more if you sweat a lot. You may also add coconut water, detox water, fresh fruit juices, green tea etc. in your routine to strengthen your hair and boost growth. Better to avoid too much caffeine and alcohol.

# Hot Oil Therapy

You cannot neglect the grandma’s tried and tested hot oil therapy. Oiling your hair preferably twice a week is indeed a proven method of getting thick, black and shiny hair.

Hot oil therapy not only encourages healthier hair by increasing blood flow to the scalp, but they can also help with hair loss and breakage. Start early or at least a month or 2 before if you want to transform your otherwise dull, dry mane into glossy tresses that are full of life on your wedding day.

Be it almond, olive or coconut oil, or a mix of all – just heat the mixture slightly and massage gently into your hair and scalp. Leave the oil in your hair for 30 minutes, or for even greater results, you can even let the treatment do its wonder overnight. When it comes time to rinsing, shampoo twice to get it all out and condition your hair as usual.

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# Hair Spa Treatment

Hair spa is highly recommended for all you brides-to-be! Getting a hair spa will not only change the entire look of your hair but will also relax you completely. A regular hair spa should be taken at least twice a month, 2-3 months before the wedding. When you take up a relaxing hair massage along with nourishing hair packs and deep conditioning treatment, your follicles and roots get strengthened, enriching the scalp.

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