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Everything looking rosy for Google Play Store

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A tremendous jump in consumer spending on Google Play Store apps in India and a significant increase in downloads has motivated Google to get Indians to create more apps for the country.

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Google has come up with a `Made for India’ app awards programme that seeks to get developers to create apps that are low on memory usage alongside consuming not much data.

These kinds of apps will be presented in a special section in the store.

Point to be noted here is that consumer spending on apps has grown 3x in India over the past year .

Google has introduced wide array of payment options such as carrier billing, gift cards, and e-wallets for the Indian market, taking into account demands of local app developers.
Although, they have not disclosed the types of apps Indians were spending the most on.
India got the better of US as the world’s biggest downloader of apps on Google’s Play Store in 2016.
In terms of statistics, only 10% of Indian phones have data speeds higher than 15mbps. However, this year, the data consumed has gone up from 500MB to 2GB per user for lots of telephone networks.

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