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Excessive weight can cause this!

By Team Pardaphash 
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According to the information given by a new study, people who are obese and have excessive body fat might lead them to infertility and this happens with both male and female. The study published in the noted Lancet, India is just behind US and China in this global hazard list of top 10 countries with the highest number of obese people.

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India is under siege: junk food, alcohol and sedentary lifestyle are leading us to silent self-destruction, making one in every Indian men and women either obese or overweight. According to ICMR bulletin, it is estimated that globally between 60-80 million couples suffer from infertility every year, of which probably between 15- 20 million are in India alone.

“We are all aware that being obese is not healthy. It’s not a choice that one makes in life, contrary to popular belief. No one would want to suffer the problems caused by obesity. The reason for obesity can be anything from eating disorders to depression to lack of physical activities to hormonal imbalances etc. What is important is to take a step with determination and be a part of the fight against obesity,” said Dr Shobha Gupta, Medical Director and IVF Specialist from Mother’s Lap IVF centre.

Here are few fertility problems caused by excessive weight:-

Irregular or infrequent menstrual cycles
Increased risk of infertility
Less success with fertility treatments
Increased risk of miscarriage.
Obesity also increases the risks of high blood pressure and diabetes during the pregnancy.

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“I see at least 25 to 35 patients in a day coming to me for infertility, out of which 50 to 60% are obese. Current figures in New Delhi indicate that every second person fulfills criteria of obesity or has excess abdominal fat,” Gupta said. “Women who are obese are also at a greater risk for pregnancy complications like having a C-section, giving birth to a large baby or even developing gestational diabetes and hypertension,” she added.

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