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Fed up of bad breath? Here are few natural remedies to get rid of it!

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One of the most embarrassing situations is not only getting stuck into an awkward situation but also it can be equally embarrassing for you when you do not smell good, be it your body smell or your mouth smell. Are you also fed-up of bad breath? Well, there are many people who are upset of foul breath and it is one myth that expensive toothpaste can make you get rid of it.

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Instead of wasting extra money on buying expensive toothpaste and mouth fresheners which includes chemical in it, there are few home remedies that are useful and will do no harm.

Try out these natural remedies in order to get rid of bad breath:-

1. Apple Cider Vinegar- It is that one miraculous thing that has so many advantageous properties. Mix 1/4th amount of water with two table spoon of apple cider vinegar, keep it in your mouth for another 15 to 20 minutes and then spit it out. Try this on a regular basis and see the effect.

2. Coconut Oil- We had all heard of drinking coconut water but coconut oil is also beneficial in many ways. Take one table spoon of coconut oil and keep it in your mouth for 20 minutes, later spit it out. It will surely give you best results.

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3. Tea Tree Oil- Along with refreshing your mouth it also kills the bacteria present inside the mouth that causes foul smell. Therefore, it is advantageous for you to try this out on a regular basis.

4. Green Tea- We are aware of unlimited health benefits of green tea but many of us do not know that it also helps in getting rid of bad breath.

5. Fennel Seeds- It is known as ‘Saunf’ in Hindi and despite of adding taste many food items, eating this on a regular basis can also help you refresh your mouth.

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