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Fed up of chapped lips? Here’s something for you!

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Say hello to dryness, rashes, sun burns, pimples, oily skin, chapped lips because summer season is finally here! One of the most frustrating problems during summers is dryness leading to chapped lips. Chapped lips are painful and cause irritation and itchiness on the sensitive skin of the lips.

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There are certain preventive measures in order to avoid chapped lips like applying lip balm and lipstick while moving out in sun but these are temporary methods. Applying artificial lip colors can only protect your lips for some time but cannot give heal the chapped lips completely.

Here are some home remedies that would not bring any side effects attached to it while you apply it on your lips as compared to artificial lipsticks:-

1. Apply honey and sugar on your lips- Mix honey and sugar and prepare a scrub of the mixture and then gently apply it on your lips and wash it off with cold water on a regular basis. Doing so will heal your chapped lips and also make your lips smooth and pink.

2. Apply ghee- Like we all know, ghee can do wonders for our body and skin but very few know that it can be the perfect cure for your chapped lips. Before going to sleep, apply ghee on your lips everyday and sleep with it. Do this on a regular basis, and you will witness a drastic change in the condition of your lips.

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3. Few drops of coconut oil would be of great help- Coconut oil is not only good for your hair but it can also prove to be of great help in healing your chapped lips. Apply few drops of coconut oil on your lips on a regular basis before leaving your house and it will serve as a blessing for you.

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