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Fertility preservation brings new ray of hope of having a child for cancer survivors: Dr Gita Khanna

By Team Pardaphash 
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Lucknow: Cancer or its treatment can impose a threat to future child bearing potential of the patient. In an effort to bring awareness and joy of childbearing in cancer patients, the Indian Fertility Society (IFS)-SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP (SIG) is making endeavors to educate and counsel the masses about ‘FERTILITY PRESERVATION’. This is a new concept which is fast picking up across the world.

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In order to create awareness about the subject, a series of seminars in the name , ‘FERTILITY PRESERVATION NAVIGATOR’ have been planned across the country and one such seminar was held in Lucknow.

The local organizing chairperson Dr.Gita Khanna- Ajanta hospital and IVF Centre, a renowned IVF expert of the city talked about fertility preservation process and its implication in cancer as well as other medical conditions causing a threat to fertility. Her talk also included the issues like late marriages and career leading to deliberate delayed childbearing and the importance of fertility preservation in these conditions as well.

The day-long seminar witnessed a galaxy of IVF stalwarts Dr.Gauri Devi (IFS President), Dr.K D Nayar (IFS Secretary General), Dr.Pankaj Talwar (SIG Convener), Dr.Kunjumoideen (SIG Co-convener) Dr. P M Gopinath, , Dr.Jayesh Ameen, who spoke vividly on the subject and was attended by more than 100 gynecologists mostly IVF practitioners from all over the country.

On the occasion, a book on Fertility Preservation was released aiming to provide in-depth knowledge on the subject. The book aims to bridge the gap between clinicians involved in cancer care and infertility.

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Dr.Jayesh Ameen ,an IVF expert from Ahmedabad, in his talk emphasized that fertility preservation is a fundamental issue for individuals of reproductive age or even prepubescent boys and girls whose future fertility may be compromised due to cancer treatment requiring chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Egg banking, sperm banking and embryo cryopreservation is an available option for such patients.

Dr.K D Nayar from Delhi enlightened the distinguished audience about the importance of curing the disease and in depth evaluation of male aspects of infertility. He threw light on strategies for treating such patients and methods to avoid iatrogenic sterility.

Dr Pankaj Talwar ,IVF expert from R & R Hospital ,Delhi in his panel discussion talked about the pain and agony of not only the children and young adults but also their parents and partners struggling with cancer. He asked the medical fraternity to pledge to fight for these patients and ease their journey to healing and parenthood. Among the panelists were eminent doctors like Dr. Chandrawati ,Dr. Meera Agnihotri and other leading oncosurgeons of the city.
Decade back the options and knowledge to treat such patients were limited but now with the advancements in the field of medicine and infertility we have more treatment modalities Since the survival rate is increasing, so is the intense desire of having their own child is now a possibility.

The highly educative program ended with a colorful element of HOLI MILAN -‘Holi ke rang, aap ke sang’.The program was enjoyed by the dignitaries with gujias and gulal, hoping to spread the joy of parenthood in the lives of cancer patients.

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