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Fight white hair with these 6 effective yoga poses: Study

By Ruchi Upadhyay 
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Yoga poses for white hairs: Healthy, long, and lustrous hair is a treasure. But what if it starts turning white unnaturally? Untimely whitening or graying has now become one of the most common hair problems all across the world. For women, it is really frustrating to see those silver strands on the head even before the age of 30.

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No matter how much you try to cure them with medicines or hide them with dyes, nothing works permanently and this is exactly when yoga may come to your rescue.

Yoga Asana has become a favoured solution. Different yoga poses help to reduce hair fall, promote hair growth and also prevents premature greying of hair. Performing yoga helps to increase the blood circulation which makes our hair healthy and strong.

# Ustrasana (Camel Pose)

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Camel pose helps to open up your hip, and reduce the fat on thighs. It helps to improve the posture, relieves from lower back pain and helps in better digestion.

– Kneel down on ground with your knees 6 inches apart.
– Use your both hands to reach backward and touch the feet.
– Keep your thighs straight and push your abdomen in forward motion.
– Stay in the position for few breaths.

# Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)

Triangle pose is very effective when it comes to taking care of your overall health. It helps to stretch leg muscles, strengthens knees, ankles, abdominals and relieves stress.

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– Stand with your legs wide apart.
– Raise your both hands, keep them in a straight line.
– Now touch your left feet with left hand, stay in the position for few seonds.
– Touch your right feet with right hand.
– While touching the feet, look up towards the ceiling.
– Hold the position for a minute, on both the sides.

# Apanasana (Knees to Chest Pose)

Apanasana pose helps to stretch the body, reduce the hip fat, rebalances your body energy and helps to improve blood circulation.

– Lie flat on the floor with your back.
– Fold your legs from knees and bring it towards chest.
– Hold your knee caps with your both palms.
– While holding the knee, make sure your fingers are pointing towards the feet.
– Stay in this pose and keep breathing normally.
– After a minute, move away your legs and do a side twist with folded knees.

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# Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)

Cobra pose is needed to strengthen your back, tone your buttocks, and help relieve stress and fatigue. This pose helps to make your hair follicles strengthen and get rid of premature greying.

– Lie flat on the ground with your stomach.
– Your legs to be together and toes pointing outwards.
– Both hands to be under your chest.
– Press your both palms, raise your forehead and make your arms straight.
– Inhale, look upwards and put your weight on your chest.
– Stay in this position for few seconds.

# Adho Mukha Savasana (Downward Facing Dog Pose)

Downward facing dog one of the best pose which helps to tone you core muscles, works on the back of your legs, strengthen your arms and helps to improve your body posture. This pose also helps to relieve the stress and get rid of white hair.

– Sit on fours with your knees and palms on the ground.
– Exhale and lift your knees off the floor.
– Stretch out your arm and make it straight.
– Your torso to be up, like the tip of mountain.
– Your hands and legs to be straight and your face down.
– You will feel a stretch in your arms and legs.

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# Matsyasana (Fish Pose)

Fish pose helps to stretch and stimulate the organs of your belly. It helps to strengthen your upper back and back of your neck. A good yoga pose to relieve stress and irritation.

– Lie down flat on the ground with your back and hands besides you.
– Now, slide your hands beneath your buttocks.
– Inhale deeply and lift your chest up.
– Drop your head back and try to look back at the wall.
– Your buttocks to be touching the ground.
– Hold the position for few seconds
– Then straighten your head first and get back to normal pose.

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