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Follow these skin care tips before ‘Holi’ to avoid damage on this festive season

By Ruchi Upadhyay 
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Lucknow: Holi is unequivocally the most vibrant and colorful festival in the world. Holi is a time of celebration, and fun as we celebrate the festival of colors we also come across various skin problems such as skin rashes, pigmentation etc. Make sure you start with fresh skin – while Holi colours are known to irritate your skin and cause extreme dryness, you need to always make sure you double-cleanse first.

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Use a good balm that removes grime and makeup like the Clinique Take The Day Off Balm and slather your face nicely and the paste emulsifies into a beautiful oil and rids your face of all the dirt and pollution-induced irritation. The bright colours and gulal look fabulous but they can also damage our skin and hair. Small skincare efforts before, during and after the festival help minimise the damage. Here are a few skin tips for Holi.

Holi skincare tips:

# Rub your face with Ice Cubes

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Rubbing ice cubes on your face before going out to play Holi works wonders in closing the pores of your skin. Rub ice cubes on a clean face for about 10-15 mins and you can ensure that the harmful colors can’t penetrate your skin and cause outbursts. This simple trick will not allow the colours to seep inside your skin and cause damage.

# Apply oil to your skin

Use an oil, like a cold pressed coconut oil over certain areas and let it settle for a bit as it will make the removal of colour super easy. The oils won’t let the colours penetrate inside your skin and also make it easy to remove them later. One can use a mixture of different oils like coconut oil, almond oil or castor oil. You can also mix these three oils and apply all over your body.

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# Don’t forget sunscreen

Holi is generally played outdoors and the constant exposure to sun, colors and water, can take away the moisture from your skin and make you tanned. It is very difficult to restore the natural color of your skin once it gets tanned. Stick to a high SPF as it won’t allow the sun rays to cause damage to your skin and also will keep your skin hydrated and moisturised.

# Care for Nails

Holi colours can stain the nail bed and also settle inside the nails and on the cuticles as well. They take forever to come off later! An easy solution to this is to apply varnish or nail paint. Just a little bit of oil and rub it around the nails. You can also “trim your nails and apply a clear nail polish to avoid nail staining,” says experts.

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# Protect the Body

Not just the face but the skin under clothes too can get damaged by the harmful sun rays and colour. While you take care of your face, don’t ignore the fact that the body also needs hydration. Put body lotion to all over your body or you can also apply oil. Try to wear clothes that cover your skin. This can reduce the surface area for skin damage. Wear full sleeve clothing so that less area is exposed to colours which means less damage.

# Play with natural/organic colors

Avoid using and playing with synthetic colours and gulal. Natural and nature-derived colours are readily available, not only do they care for skin and hairs they are good for our environment too. Avoid paint and metallic colours. Care for children and the elderly.

# Also don’t forget your hairs

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Hair exposed to colour can become dull, dry and brittle due to the presence of synthetic dyes in the colours. Pre-Holi no hair treatments like highlights/keratin/perms because they open up the hair cuticle and colour can get in. Don’t shampoo the day of or the day before to keep the strands a little oily. Apply coconut oil the night before and the day of to create a barrier against the colour from penetrating those strands. The oil prevents the color from going inside. You can also tie your hair or make bun. And to protect the hair from sun damage, apply a little sunblock spray like Sebamed spray on the hair. After Holi, take out the oil from the shampoo and apply conditioner, shampoo again and condition again.

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