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Follow these easy tips to apply perfect eyeliner!

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It is rightly said that eyes speak a different language, being one of the most expressive part of the body. Do you want to look happening and beautiful? Well, then you must know the secret of applying perfect eyeliner. While you wear makeup, applying eyeliner in a bold and classy way should be your first priority. Eyeliner is used to enhance your eyes and give it a confined and bigger shape.

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There are different styles of applying eyeliner according to the dress you wear. But for the first timers here are few ways to follow in order to apply perfect liner:-

1. Do not apply mascara before applying eyeliner- Always apply eyeliner first and then opt for mascara as by doing so it will give your eyes a better look.

2. Eyeliner for small eyes- Winged eyeliner is the best style of liner for small eyes to make it look bigger and bold.

3. Tip for beginners- If you are a first timer then avoid using liquid eyeliner as it can smudge off therefore use pencil eyeliner to make it work.

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