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Former PM Manmohan Singh Supports India’s Approach on Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has expressed his support for India's approach in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, stating that the country has prioritized its sovereign and economic interests while advocating for peace. Singh made these comments ahead of the G20 summit in Delhi, where world leaders are gathering. He also cautioned against using foreign policy for domestic politics.

By Rekha Joshi 
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New Delhi: Manmohan Singh, who served as Prime Minister for two terms under the Congress-led UPA from 2004 to 2014, has been invited to a G20 dinner during India’s presidency.

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He emphasized the increasing relevance of foreign policy in domestic politics and the need for restraint when utilizing diplomacy for party or personal interests. Singh said, “While India’s standing in the world should rightfully be an issue in domestic politics, it is equally important to exercise restraint in using diplomacy and foreign policy for party or personal politics”.

Regarding India’s stance on the Ukraine-Russia conflict he commended the government for making the right decisions. He emphasized that the G20 is primarily focused on policy coordination for addressing global challenges, such as climate change, inequality, and confidence in global trade, rather than settling security-related conflicts.

Commenting on India-China relations and President Xi Jinping’s absence from the summit, Singh expressed hope that Prime Minister Narendra Modi would take necessary steps to safeguard India’s territorial and sovereign integrity. However, he refrained from offering advice to the government on handling complex diplomatic matters.

Looking ahead to India’s 75th year of Independence, Dr. Singh expressed optimism about the country’s future but emphasized the importance of preserving India’s diverse and harmonious society as a foundation for progress and development.

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He also praised India’s space agency, ISRO, for its successful Chandrayaan mission and noted India’s significant economic growth during his tenure as Prime Minister, highlighting the importance of maintaining equilibrium in trading relationships across nations and regions for India’s economic interests.

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