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Fuel on fire: Petrol price in Mumbai reaches record high; Check rates in metro cities

By Ruchi Upadhyay 
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New Delhi: On Saturday, April 9, the price of petrol stayed steady for the third day in a row, and the price of diesel followed suit. However, according to a price statement by state-owned oil marketing organisations, the price of fuel in Mumbai remained at a record high of Rs 120.51. On Wednesday, fuel prices were raised by 80 paise per litre, bringing the total increase in petrol and diesel prices to Rs 10 in just 17 days.

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Petrol is priced at Rs 105.41 a litre in Delhi today, while diesel price stands at Rs 96.67 per litre. Petrol was priced at Rs 120.51 per litre in Mumbai, while diesel was priced at Rs 104.77 per litre. On the other hand, today’s petrol price in Kolkata was Rs 115.08 per litre, and diesel prices in the West Bengal capital were Rs 99.82 per litre. In Chennai, one litre of petrol costs Rs 110.89, while one litre of diesel costs Rs 100.98.

From November 4 to March 22, the price of petrol and diesel was frozen, following which it was raised 14 times in 17 days. This came amid a significant increase in global crude oil prices as a result of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. 85 percent of India’s crude oil is imported from other countries.


Petrol – Rs 105.41 per litre

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Diesel – Rs 96.67 per litre


Petrol – Rs 120.51 per litre

Diesel – Rs 104.77 per litre


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Petrol – Rs 115.08 per litre

Diesel – Rs 99.82 per litre


Petrol – Rs 110.89 per litre

Diesel – Rs 100.98 per litre


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Petrol – Rs 109.78 per litre

Diesel – Rs 93.32 per litre


Petrol – Rs 118.07 per litre

Diesel – Rs 101.14 per litre


Petrol – Rs 111.25 per litre

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Diesel – Rs 94.81 per litre


Petrol – Rs 105.57 per litre

Diesel – Rs 91.36 per litre


Petrol – Rs 105.25 per litre

Diesel – Rs 96.83 per litre


Petrol – Rs 105.29 per litre

Diesel – Rs 99.61 per litre


Petrol: Rs 117.52

Diesel – Rs 103.91 per

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