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Gas cylinders price increases, check out the actual price!

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After the continuous increase in the price of petrol and diesel, now the price of Liquefied Petroleum Gas cylinders have also been increased by the state-run companies. The cylinders will be more expensive by Rs. 2.89 per cylinder to Rs. 502.4.

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The price of non-subsidised LPG in Delhi will increase by Rs. 59.00 per cylinder in October 2018 mainly due to change in international price and foreign exchange fluctuations, Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) said in a statement.

The actual impact on subsidised domestic LPG customers is only Rs. 2.89 per cylinder, which is mainly due to GST on the above, IOC added.

The subsidy transfer in customers’ bank account has been increased to Rs. 376.60 per cylinder in October 2018 as against Rs. 320.49 per cylinder in September 2018.

“Thus the domestic subsidised LPG customer is protected against the increase in prices of LPG,” it said.

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