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Gold Medalist PV Sindhu: Smash for Appetizer,Sweet at Net

By Ruchi Upadhyay 
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Gold Medalist PV Sindhu: Smash for Appetizer,Sweet at Net

PV Sindhu,the Gold Medalist said:Pandemic(Covid-19)Did Not Impact My Olympic Preparation,It’s Made Me Better.

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PV Sindhu the first Indian women to win an Olympic silver medal. Gold Medalist is drawn at the Tokyo Olympics to play against shuttlers who love the destructive dawdle of a lingering brawl. Sending her scurrying after the shuttle to all corners from where she has to defend unendingly, tends to be the general plan against her. The one place where they don’t want her standing in her whole strong, imposing glory measured at 5 ft 11 inch is at the net.

It’s the net where India’s gold medal contender needs to storm, to deprive her opponents of their artistry (Tai Tzu Ying) and audacity (Akane Yamaguchi). And her giant smash ought to be the set-up shot, rather than the point-collecting kill. It’s badminton’s version of serve ‘n volley. But smash ‘n charge the net is Sindhu’s shortest path to keeping rallies short and making her full intimidating frame count.

In Hong Kong’s Cheun Ngan Yi and Denmark’s Blichfeldt as well as home hope Yamaguchi and Taipese Tai Tzu, Sindhu is not likely to meet anyone terribly struggling at defense of her steep cross smashes. But given the quality of defense the Indian will be up against, the smash alone might not finish matters and will need the follow-up at the net.

It helps that the sight of the towering Sindhu waiting to tap anything within her massive wingspan can cause some serious visual trouble to the likes of Yamaguchi. The 24-year-old Japanese can be put under pressure with sustained power-plays. .

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Against Tai Tzu Ying,the PV Sindhu successfully employed at the 2019 World Championships in the quarterfinals,to turn the tide after losing the opening set in what remains perhaps the best match of her life. Not only does it offer options of smart taps and close kills, it can also effectively push Sindhu’s opponents back from the net to between service line and baseline, since they fancy winning the net war of the tight dribble. Eager clambering retrievals running backwards are always a possibility, but it puts Sindhu in control of the rally.While sindhu has admit that in pandemic also she has not shattered and always be prepared for olympics.She always be a short,snappy and sweet.

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