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Gold Worth ₹ 2.49 Crore Seized at Mumbai Airport in 12 Cases

Smugglers used the framework of check-in bags to cleverly hide the precious metal, exploiting unsuspecting baggage.

By: Team Pardaphash  Pardaphash Group
Gold Worth ₹ 2.49 Crore Seized at Mumbai Airport in 12 Cases

Mumbai : Mumbai Customs, Zone-III, at the city’s airport seized a significant quantity of gold, totaling over 4.65 kilograms and valued at ₹ 2.49 crores on Friday. The seizures were made across 12 different cases, highlighting the diverse methods employed by smugglers to conceal the precious metal.

Methods of Concealment Revealed

According to the Airport Commissionerate, the gold was ingeniously concealed in various ways, showcasing the smugglers’ creativity and determination. The concealment methods included hiding gold within dry iron, the frame of a check-in bag, clothing worn by passengers, on the body itself, within body cavities, and in both check-in and cabin bags.

This recent development follows a similar incident on February 22, where Mumbai Customs intercepted over 8 kilograms of gold, valued at approximately ₹ 4 crores, and five iPhones across eight separate cases. In these instances, gold was found concealed within the frame of a check-in bag, within a box of crockery, in clothing worn by passengers, and even inside a handbag.

Ongoing Efforts to Curb Smuggling

Authorities are actively investigating these cases to uncover the networks involved in smuggling precious metals. The consistent success in intercepting such attempts underscores the vigilance and effectiveness of Mumbai Customs in securing the country’s borders against illegal activities.

These incidents also emphasize the need for continued collaboration between law enforcement agencies and airport security to stay ahead of evolving smuggling techniques. The Airport Commissionerate, Mumbai Customs Zone-III, remains committed to maintaining the integrity of border security and thwarting attempts to undermine the nation’s economic interests through illicit activities.

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