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Good Friday 2022: Date, history, significance of the day and how the world marks it!

By Ruchi Upadhyay 
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New Delhi: Good Friday commemorates the day Jesus Christ was crucified at the Hill of Calvary, where he subsequently died. According to the Paschal Triduum, it is observed during the holy week and falls on the Friday before Easter Sunday. It’s also known as Holy Friday and Black Friday, among other names.

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Good Friday History:
According to the Bible, on this day, the Jewish religious leaders who had condemned the nights before claiming the son of god and king of the Jews brought him to Rome for sentencing.

He was sent to Pilate who sentenced Jesus to crucifixion, which was considered to be the highest form of criminal Punishment at that time.

Jesus Christ was beaten, forced to carry a heavy wooden cross through cheering crowds, and finally nailed to the big cross by wrists and feet, and was left to suffer for six hours.

As per Biblical structures, his death is regarded as one of the significant events after which he was ascended to heaven. It is believed that Jesus sacrificed his life for the sins of his children, the people, so that their sins are forgiven and they are freed from the pain, suffering and agony of their life.

Jesus Christ was resurrected on Sunday, which is celebrated as Easter Sunday.

Significance of Good Friday:
The date might differ each year as per both Gregorian and Julian Calendars. It is also known by the name Holy Friday, Great Friday and Black Friday. The good stands for pious or holy.

Good Friday across the globe:
On this day, a majority of Christians—Anglican, Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Lutheran, Methodist, Oriental Orthodox, and Reformed traditions observe a fast. They perform Church services in remembrance of the Almighty Lord.

– In most countries, Good Friday is marked as a holiday.

– In Germany, there are laws prohibiting merriment acts such as dancing, horse racing etc, rather the focus remains on remembering the Lord with a solemn nature. In countries where German is spoken, Good Friday is called Karfreitag which stands as Kar from Old High German kara‚ meaning ‘grieve’ or mourn and Freitag for Friday or Mourning Friday.

– In the Nordic countries it is called The Long Friday while in Greek, Polish and Hungarian countries, Good Friday is known as Great Friday.

– In Bulgarian speaking regions, Good Friday is called a Great Friday which in their native language translates to Crucified Friday.

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