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Good things will eventually come! Know how with weekly horoscope for July 5-11

By Saima Siddiqui 
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This week relationships will be challenging and expect loved ones to be more demanding than usual. With the New Moon stimulating your domestic zone, strive to be at your diplomatic best with family members. As birthday great The Dalai Lama observes “A loving atmosphere in your home is the foundation of your life.” If your inner voice tells you something (or someone) isn’t the real deal, make sure you act on that information in a clever and compassionate way.


Careful communication is the key to an agreeable week for smart Bulls. The Sun, Uranus and the New Moon encourage you to blast away redundant attitudes, release any old grudges and let bygones be bygones. Plus Venus and Mars push you to work through domestic dramas and family squabbles in a proactive and diplomatic way. So your mantra for the moment is from birthday great The Dalai Lama. “Forgive others … be kind, honest and have positive thoughts.”


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The New Moon shines a spotlight on your current bank balance as well as money mistakes you’ve made in the past. If your finances are in a mess, then it’s time to sort them out ASAP. Neptune squares Mercury (on Tuesday) which increases your gullible side, especially at work. And be careful you don’t indulge in a ‘comfort shopping’ spree that you later regret. So slow down and think things through. Remember … good things will eventually come to Geminis who wait!


Sensitive Crabs are ruled by the silvery Moon so you can’t help but be affected by this week’s New Moon in Cancer, as it stirs up your emotions. Plus Saturn and Uranus agitate inner insecurities and hidden motivations. But if you become overemotional and unreasonable then it won’t help matters. Instead, tune into the romance and magic of Friday night’s new moonbeams. And learn to love yourself, as you celebrate your strengths and embrace your weaknesses.


Prepare for a contrary kind of week! The current celestial cocktail includes a Sun/Uranus link and a New Moon in Cancer. So you’re in the mood for change but you’re also feeling sentimental, as you revisit the past or wallow in an ocean of emotion. Proactive Mars encourages you to look to the future with fresh eyes, a curious mind and a full heart. The New Moon activates your spiritual and privacy zone on the weekend, when it’s time to revisit your inner world.

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Some Virgos will reminisce about an old love or you could experience a disappointment, as you discover you’ve over-committed time, energy and enthusiasm to a project (or relationship) that’s going nowhere. It’s time to reformulate your goals for the future, as the New Moon activate your hopes and wishes zone. But steer clear of dubious dreamers and unreliable schemers. Try to surround yourself with positive people who promote your talents and support your dreams.


Being a languid and laidback Libran won’t suffice, as the New Moon pushes you to be your personal best, explore fresh horizons and go for professional gold. Venus and Uranus also liven up your romantic life … maybe too much. If you’re attached … plan something exciting with your partner. Singles … don’t play it too safe. Look for love with someone who is outside your comfort zone. So this week – when it comes to work and relationships – variety is definitely the spice of life!


Are you still punishing yourself for a mistake you made many moons ago? Or are you still holding a grudge towards someone who wronged you many years ago? It’s time to forgive others – and yourself – for transgressions from the past. So your mantra is from author and activist Marianne Williamson (who was born on July 8). “Forgiveness is not always easy … and yet, there is no peace without forgiveness.” Friday night’s New Moon favours fresh adventures and updated philosophies.

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Boredom is a big no-no this week, as you search out unusual people, places and activities. You’ll favour excitement and novel ideas over your usual daily routine. When it comes to a joint financial matter or a business deal be cautious, as the New Moon shines a spotlight on money matters and things aren’t as straight-forward as they seem. Don’t just muddle through. Get someone you trust to help you out. A relationship also seems to be heading in a very confusing direction.


Power struggles and fiery disagreements are likely, unless you can keep your Capricorn need to be in control under control. So swallow your pride and strive to sort out a problem that’s been brewing and stewing between you and a loved one. Plus let other people make their own decisions and their own mistakes, especially involving financial matters. Friday night’s magical New Moon is the time for a fabulous fresh start. Singles – true love is waiting where you least expect.


The week starts with a blast, as the Sun/Uranus link wakes up a work project or fires up a family dream. And how are you really feeling? Friday night’s New Moon energises your wellbeing zone. So it’s a good time to review your health and fitness; revise your diet and exercise routine; and then make appropriate adjustments and improvements. But they must be creative tweaks that specifically suit your idiosyncratic Aquarian style. The more quirky your plan is, the better!


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This week’s stars are somewhat bittersweet. The New Moon activates creative projects and fires up friendships. But the Mercury/Neptune square could disrupt your daily routine and distract you from your priorities. So aim to be creative and compassionate, but also robust and resilient. Then the bumps along the road will only make you stronger! It’s also a good time to become more involved with volunteer projects and philanthropic pursuits, especially in your local community.

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