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Google celebrates Basketball inventor Dr James Naismith with Doodle

By Saima Siddiqui 
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Lucknow: Google dedicated its today’s Google Doodle to celebrate the life of Basketball inventor, Canadian-American professor, physical educator and coach, Dr James Naismith, who invented this popular game on this day in the year 1891.

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This beautiful graphical illustration of Doodle shows Dr Naismith standing with a clipboard as students try to get the ball through a hoop, called the ‘basket’.

The game was invented by Dr Naismith to keep students at YMCA International Training College in Springfield, Massachusett occupied during frosty winters. He joined the college in 1890 as an instructor and was reportedly entrusted with the task of developing an indoor game.  The sport enthusiast believed to have developed the game within 14 days and had announced the rules in the pages of Springfield College school newspaper-‘The Triangle.’ The game was first introduced in Dr Naismith’s class on December 21, 1891 and had a humble beginning with just ten rules and was first played in school gymnasium with the help of two peach baskets and a soccer ball.

Initially, the teams had nine players each and few elements of outdoor sports were also added to make it more interesting. The game soon gained popularity and made its Olympic debut in 1936. Interestingly, Dr Naismith threw the ball for tip-off in Berlin, Germany to commence the first game.

One of the brilliant minds, Dr. Naismith was born on November 6, 1861, near the town of Almonte in Ontario, Canada. He went on to study physical education at McGill University and after finishing his education, he started working as an instructor at the YMCA International Training College. The place where he found the game.

He designed this game in a way which can benefit students both physically as well as mentally. To pay him tribute, The Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame was incorporated in 1959 in Springfield, Massachusetts.

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