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Govardhan Puja 2023: Date, Timings, and Essential Information

A revered Hindu festival, Govardhan Puja, holds prominence during the Pratipada tithi of the Kartik month, traditionally observed on the day following Diwali Puja. It's essential to note that the exact date of Govardhan Puja may vary, contingent upon the commencement of the Pratipada Tithi, occasionally resulting in a one-day gap in celebration.

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In anticipation of the upcoming Govardhan Puja in 2023, devotees are gearing up to express their deep reverence for Lord Krishna and Govardhan Parvat. This Hindu festival, also known as Annakoot Puja, holds significant cultural importance, especially in Maharashtra, where it is celebrated as Bali Pratipada or Bali Padwa.

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Scheduled to take place on November 14, 2023, as per Drik Panchang, Govardhan Puja is observed during the Pratipada tithi of the Kartik month, typically the day following Diwali Puja. Devotees engage in heartfelt worship, crafting offerings from grains like wheat and rice, along with a special curry made from gram flour and leafy vegetables, as a token of their devotion to Lord Krishna.

Shubh Muhurat and Timings:

The auspicious timing for the Govardhan Puja festivities in 2023 is set to begin at 6:43 am and conclude at 8:52 am on November 14. The Pratipada tithi commences at 2:56 pm on November 13 and concludes at 2:36 pm on November 14.

Puja Vidhi, Bhog, and Puja Samagri:

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Devotees are advised to create a symbolic representation of Govardhan Parvat using cow dung in their courtyards as part of the Puja Vidhi. The worship involves lighting a lamp and offering a variety of items such as rice, kheer, batashe, water, milk, paan, Kesar, and flowers to Lord Govardhan. After arranging all necessary samagri, devotees are encouraged to pray to Lord Krishna.

As part of the bhog offerings, devotees prepare 56 or 108 types of food items, including sweets for the deity. Notably, the Chappan Bhog, a collection of 56 food items, is a highlight of the celebration. Panchamrit, made with honey, curd, and sugar, is also a significant part of the ritual.

The essential puja samagri for Govardhan Puja includes wheat, rice, Panchamrit, Annakutta sabzi made with various vegetables, and curry made from gram flour and leafy vegetables. These offerings are dedicated to Lord Krishna, and the Panchamrit is distributed to devotees after being presented to the deity.

As devotees prepare for this auspicious day, Govardhan Puja stands as a time-honored celebration that not only signifies spiritual devotion but also fosters a sense of unity and gratitude for the bounties of nature.

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