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Govt shares 8-step guideline on how to use pulse ‘Oximeter’ properly

By Priyanka Verma 
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Govt shares 8-step guideline on how to use pulse ‘Oximeter’ properly

As doctors and experts are advising Covid-19 patients being treated at home to keep track of their blood oxygen level to understand whether there is any need for hospitalisation, the Centre has shared an eight-step guideline on how to check the oxygen level.

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Here are the steps:

> Before placing your finger inside the oximeter, remove nail polish, false nails etc., and warm your hand by rubbing against each other, if it’s cold.

> Before taking the measurement, one should rest for at least five minutes.

> Rest your hand on your chest at heart level and hold it still.

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> Then switch on the oximeter and place it on either the middle or the index finger.

> The reading may fluctuate. Wait for it to be stable. Keep the oximeter in place for at least a minute or longer if the reading is not stable.

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> Record the highest result once it has not changed for five seconds.

> Identify each recording carefully.

> Start recording from baseline and record three times a day at the same time.

Oxygen level monitoring is crucial for patients being treated at home as the baseline saturation should not be below 94 per cent. According to experts, if it is below 94 per cent, hospital admission may be required on the advice of the doctor. Covid-19 patients have also been asked to take a 6-minute walk test in which one should check the oxygen level before and after six minutes of walking inside the room. If there is a fluctuation of 4 per cent or more, then hospital admission may be required.

For better oxygenation at home, the Centre has also asked Covid-19 patients try self proning where one has to lie face down with the support of 4-5 pillows.

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