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Green tea is a blessing or curse?

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Like a coin has two sides, everything else also comes with its own pros and cons. Green tea is considered to be one of the most advantageous drinks to consume on a daily basis and in order to keep yourself fit and healthy green tea is a blessing. Girls these days are obsessed with zero figure and since the actresses have long endorsed green tea to be a blessing for glowing skin and no belly fat, all the people know it to be advantageous.

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But did you know that green tea can also be a curse for people if consumed on a regular basis but it might be a shocker for all those who had no idea about the disadvantages of drinking green tea. Beware, before making it a habit although it has ample amount of benefits but along with advantages comes the disadvantages.

Let’s have a look at the disadvantages:-

1. Those who suffer from regular headaches should deprive themselves from drinking green tea. It can cause mild as well as severe headache which could lead to further dangerous problems in the future.

2. Green tea is acidic in nature that can cause severe heartburn and it can cause even worst condition if someone who already suffers from heartburn on regular basis opts for drinking green tea.

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3. While some say Green tea is good for diabetes but according to the information given by a study, green tea can worsen the diabetic condition of a person. A small number of studies using green tea, the extract, and catechist (the main ingredient in green tea) only showed disappointing results in treating Type 2 diabetes.

Let’s have a look at the advantages:-

1. Say no to belly fat- Green tea is good for reducing belly fat not only this but it enhances glow in the skin also keep the body fit and healthy.

2. Improves alertness of the brain- If you tend to forget things in a short while or are absent-minded, green tea can help you get over it.

3. Protection against cancer- It is rightly said that ‘Prevention is better than cure’ specially when it’s a cancer case it is important to either take necessary preventions in order to prevent cancer or drink green tea on a regular basis to prevent cancer.

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