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Gurugram administration issues order to demolish five unsafe towers in Chintels Paradiso

ADC Hitesh Kumar Meena said that orders have been issued for the demolition of Chintals Paradiso. JN Yadav, Vice President of Chintels India, said that although we have not received the orders yet, after receiving the orders, we will complete the process of demolishing these towers by December.

By: Ruchi Upadhyay  Pardaphash Group
Gurugram administration issues order to demolish five unsafe towers in Chintels Paradiso

Gurugram: The administration on Monday gave permission to demolish unsafe towers in Chintal Paradiso Society located in Sector 109. In the order issued by the administration, it is written that permission is given to demolish towers D, E, F, G and H of this group housing society. According to the order, the administration has given the permission sought by Chintal Paradiso Private Limited on March 7.

According to this order, the matter was discussed by a committee headed by Additional Deputy Commissioner Hitesh Kumar Meena and representatives of the concerned departments. The Fire Department, C&D West MCG, Haryana Pollution Control Board, Police Department, District Disaster Management Authority, Labor Department, DTP (E) Gurugram, and PWD (B&R) agreed to allow demolition of the towers with certain guidelines.

Six floors of Tower D of Chintels Paradiso society had collapsed partially on February 10, 2022, leading to the death of two women residents. Since then, the site has been a matter of dispute between the builder and residents.

The towers were audited after the accident
Two years ago, on February 10, a woman had died in an accident when the roof of the drawing room of the society’s multi-storey building collapsed from the sixth floor to the first floor. After the public uproar, a CBI inquiry was ordered, a committee was formed for structural audit and people were then evacuated from the unsafe towers.

IIT Delhi conducted a structural audit of the towers and declared five towers unsafe. Later the builder offered to demolish and rebuild these towers. Under this, two options were given to the flat owners in which under buyback and reconstruction, some people chose houses instead of houses in these towers and some people took back the money. However, the process of agreement is still going on.

Demolition will be carried out keeping the instructions in mind
Regional Officer of Haryana Pollution Control Board, Vijay Chaudhary said that as per the instructions given by the department for demolition, demolition will not be carried out during late hours. Anti-smog guns and water sprinkling pipes will have to be kept for demolition. There will be no vandalism from 10 pm to 6 am. Apart from this, the builder will also have to follow the guidelines of other departments completely.

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