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Haryana Farmers Urge Government to Increase Sugarcane SAP to Rs 450/Quintal

As the sugarcane crushing season is poised to commence in the first week of November, farmers in Haryana are expressing growing concern due to the delay in the announcement of the state advised price (SAP) for the 2023-24 season.

By: Rekha Joshi  Pardaphash Group
Haryana Farmers Urge Government to Increase Sugarcane SAP to Rs 450/Quintal

As the commencement of the sugarcane crushing season in the first week of November draws near, the Haryana state government has yet to announce the State Advised Price (SAP) for sugarcane for the 2023-24 season. The delay in setting the SAP has left farmers in a state of uncertainty and apprehension. Various farmers’ unions in the state have been demanding a significant increase, proposing a fixed rate of ₹450 per quintal, compared to the current rate of ₹372.

In response to this, a group of farmers, organized under the Bhartiya Kisan Union (BKU Tikait), held a protest in Panchkula. They presented a memorandum to the Director of Agriculture, calling for an increase in the SAP for sugarcane. Ratan Mann, the President of Haryana BKU, stated that they are pressing for the SAP to be raised to ₹450 per quintal and that the Director of Agriculture has pledged to discuss this matter with the Chief Minister. Mann also cautioned that they would bring up the issue during the upcoming visit of Union Home Minister Amit Shah to Karnal on November 2 if the government does not address the SAP hike by November 1.

The SAP, which is the price at which sugar mills are required to purchase sugarcane from farmers, plays a crucial role in determining the income of these farmers. Currently set at ₹372 per quintal, farmers are united in their demand for an increase to ₹450 per quintal. This demand has been echoed by other farmer unions, including the BKU (Charuni), which held protests at district headquarters earlier this month.

Rakesh Bains, spokesperson for the BKU (Charuni), emphasized that the government must set the SAP at ₹450 per quintal this year, citing rising input costs and the need for improved profitability to sustain sugarcane cultivation as reasons for this demand. Farmers are concerned about the delay in announcing the SAP, asserting that pricing decisions should have been made well in advance of the crushing season.

It is important to note that last year, the state witnessed protests by farmers demanding an increase in the sugarcane SAP. This led to a disruption in the supply of sugarcane to sugar mills, resulting in the suspension of crushing operations for about a week. The impasse between the Haryana government and the BKU (Charuni) was resolved on January 26 when the government announced an increase of ₹10 per quintal, setting the SAP at ₹372.

Agriculture Director Narhari Bangar stated that the decision on the SAP for sugarcane has not been discussed yet. However, the farmers raised this issue on Friday and submitted a memorandum outlining their demands.

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