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Have little white marks on your nails? Here’s the reason!

By Team Pardaphash 
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Most of us wonder about the reason behind those little white marks on our nails because all of us have noticed them from time to time be it males or females. We bring you the answer of the question on how do the white marks appear on the fingernails.

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According to the information given through a study, they are caused when people are suffering from calcium deficiency. However, it turns out that it s actually a myth and the real reason for the small specks on the nail bed is often a lot less serious.

Medically, these specks are known as punctate leukonychia and more often than not are caused after trauma to the nail.
Trauma doesn’t have to be something as major as slamming your hand in a car door, but can be as simple as excessive tapping or chewing.

The white marks form at the very bottom of the nail and move upwards as it begins to grow.
In fact, by the time the white speck becomes visible, it is likely you will have forgotten what caused the mark in the first place.

However, if the whole of the nail turns white, it can be more serious and it is advised you go and visit your doctor. This is because white nails can be an indicator of serious conditions such as liver cirrhosis, kidney failure or heart disease. Also, if the white marks fall in lines, it can be a sign of low levels of protein in the blood.

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