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Here are five benefits of consuming black tea on regular basis!

By Team Pardaphash 
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Black tea is the most popular drink consumed by a majority of people across the world. It is believed that initially, black tea was found in China and was used as a medicinal drink there. While in India, large scale production of black tea was started by the British. Its regular consumption can solve many health related problems as it is loaded with antioxidants and several nutrients. Therefore, its consumption on daily basis will help you in getting rid of various health related problems.

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Here are some benefits of consuming black tea on regular basis:

1) Helps in improving digestion: Black tea helps in improving digestion as it is loaded with tannins and other types of nutrients. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that are helpful in treating the digestion related problems.

2) Reduces the risk of stroke: As per the research, drinking three or more cups of tea in a day reduces the risk of suffering from stroke by 21% as compared to drinking green tea.

3) Prevents the risk of blood cancer: According to the research, antioxidant present in the black tea reduces the risk of breast cancer. Black tea consists of theaflavins that helps in destroying the cells that are abnormal before they become cancerous. Therefore, its regular consumption prevents the risk of breast cancer.

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4) Helpful in improving oral health: Studies say that consumption of black tea reduces the risk of oral problems as its consumption restricts the growth of bacteria in the mouth and also helps in reducing the formation of plaque.

5) Reduces the risk of dementia: As per the studies, tea acts on brain theta waves that helps in improving memory and also enhances the attention and alertness of your mind. Therefore, consuming black tea would also be beneficial in boosting the brain.

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